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P-258 _Using_the_REPORT_Procedure_ now available on

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P-258 _Using_the_REPORT_Procedure_ now available on

SAS Technical Report P-258, Using the REPORT Procedure in a Nonwindowing Environment, Release 6.07 is now available in PDF format on here:

Even though it was published in 1993 you'll still find useful material in this Technical Report! Because of its emphasis on "batch-mode" reports and its chapter on calculating percentages, long-time PROC REPORT users consider P-258 to be a valuable supplement to the current documentation. However, finding a copy has been difficult even for insiders. Thanks to a group of hard-working folks in SAS Publishing who converted it to PDF, P-258 is now available via the web to all PROC REPORT users.
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Re: P-258 _Using_the_REPORT_Procedure_ now available on

I bought P258 around 1994 and it was a favoured document that didn't make the weight cut when I flew back and forth between clients here and overseas. I regretted that a number of times. Now I can add it to my USB key. Thank you to SAS Publishing.
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