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Output sas graph and data to powerpoint

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Output sas graph and data to powerpoint

Does any one know how to output the results of a SAS graph or a summary tables to a power point file in a particular page?

I know this might be asking a bit much but any assistance with this would be really appreciated.

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Re: Output sas graph and data to powerpoint

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If you have the Business Intelligence Platform installed, the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office places a pull-down menu on the PowerPoint toolbar, so you can run SAS Task and/or Stored Processes from inside Powerpoint and return the results directly to PPT.

If you do NOT have the BI Platform installed, then there are several of options and they differ depending on whether you are talking about Graphic output or tabular output (summary tables).

For Graphic output, you can have SAS/Graph create just an image file for you (creating a graphics stream file) or you can use ODS to create the image file -and- an HTML file that contains the HTML tag needed to display the image file from within a browser. This tech support paper has lots of information about these two techniques:

For tabular output, you also have several choices -- create an HTML file with ODS for your tabular report output and then open that HTML file with HTML. Or, you can send your report to HTML, open the HTML file with Excel and then from Excel, go to Powerpoint (I know this seems like a convoluted path -- but Powerpoint is notorious for not importing HTML the way you want it to). Or if you have created summary data sets, you could use DDE or ODBC or OLE/DB or VBA to get the data into a PowerPoint table (but, of course, this involves -other- technologies) as described here:

Another totally different approach (which I think works best if your summary table is the right size to fit on one slide) is to turn your tabular output into a "picture" using PROC GPRINT, as described here:

Bottom line: without the BI platform it is at least a 2 step process to get your graph or tabular results into Powerpoint.

If you have more specific questions about any of these techniques, your best bet is to contact Tech Support.
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