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Oracle table to SAS

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Oracle table to SAS


I am new at SAS . I have a basic problem I want to analysis my oracle table on the SAS, So how can I send to my oracle table to SAS?

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Oracle table to SAS

see the example at the foot of the documentation for SAS statement LIBNAME to access Oracle

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Oracle table to SAS

To add another real world example:

If I go to my ODBC administrator in Windows and choose my odbc connection for my Oracle server and hit configure, it will show me the server name:

Server: OrServ

So at the top of my SAS program, I’ll add the below to use the Oracle connection almost like it’s a local SAS library.

%let orcuser=MyUserName;

%let orcpass=MyPassword;

libname OrServ oracle user="&orcuser." password="&orcpass." path='OrServ';

Then I can see my Oracle tables in the SAS explorer under the library named OrServ and can use it almost like any other library.

Proc sql;

Create table work.LocalTable as

      Select MyField1, MyField2

      From OrServ.OracleTableName

      Where ...



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