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One PDF file with several layouts and pages.

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One PDF file with several layouts and pages.

I have 4 pages of ods output.  Everything is placed with ods region statements.  The output pdf file is right on the first page, put the subsequent pages drop everything down and quarter of an inch and I totally lose the footnotes.  I'm trying to figure out what would cause pages after the first one to not come out right.  Basically the code it set up as a macro and loops through to do the four pages.  Is there something about the looping that might cause the layout to change?  Unfortunately, because of confidentiality I can't upload any of the documents.  Thanks.

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Re: One PDF file with several layouts and pages.

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  Without seeing the code and/or the data, it is only a guessing game. Generally, speaking, I can't imagine that your macro loop would cause an issue, but that is only a guess.

  SAS Tech Support can guarantee the confidentiality of your data and code. You could even dummy up some data that had the same structure as yours, but was just for the purpose of illustrating the problem.

  However, ODS REGION/ODS LAYOUT are still pre-production software, so that's the other reason it is more appropriate to work with Tech Support -- if there are issues that need to be reported to the developers, they have the mechanism to open a defect.


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