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Observation outside of axis range/ODS PDF

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Observation outside of axis range/ODS PDF

I have some Date and numeric variable(deltamax * date) and while creating a gplot i have tried using mode=include hence the observation is being included but not getting printed...So for example for a month of data it should be printing 31 days however it just printing 30 days ...

I have tried couple of other option as checked on web however nothing seems to work ...Output is in PDF ....Anybody has some more thoughts??

WARNING: Values exist outside the axis range, but only values within the       

         displayed range took part in interpolation calculations for the PLOT  

         statement.  Use the MODE=INCLUDE option in the SYMBOL statement to    

         include values outside the axis range in the calculations.            

NOTE: 1 observation(s) outside the axis range for the DELTAMAX * DATE request.

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Re: Observation outside of axis range/ODS PDF

Show the code. You may have unintentionally included a feature that would truncate the data displayed. Likely places are setting axis options. If you have a response axis, which I assume your deltamax variable is, that you specified a range of values to display and deltamax is outside that range you could get that warning.

INCLUDE just means the values will be used for regression line or similar calculations, not that they will display.

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