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Object programing in base SAS

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Object programing in base SAS

I was told to develop something using objects in SAS.

After doing some looking I'm not sure that can be done in Base SAS and that I'll need AF or something similar

is this correct?

Or can someone point me to an example in Base SAS.

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Re: Object programing in base SAS


I think you are correct. SAS/AF is a tool that can be used with the help of SCL (SAS Component Langugage) for building point and click, drag and drop applications. Where as Base SAS is for more of building data warehouse and for analysis. It helps you write complex programs, however visual display is limited to the SAS Capabilities. In contrast SAS/AF helps you achieve the visual interface as you intend to provide to the user.

If you could share your requirement in detail, it would help to review and shed some more light.


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Re: Object programing in base SAS

What are you calling an "object"?

A hash table can be considered an object.

You can also use Java objects.

Base SAS: The Java Object and the DATA Step Component Interface

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Re: Object programing in base SAS

Agree with Reeza,  Use the hash-objects (java)  or the DS2-language. 
SAS(R) 9.4 DS2 Language Reference, Second Edition. DS-2 has some of the same fundamentals as SCL

Why not AF (SCL)  as it is Component language but was first Screen Control language. This is of the 1990's and SAS is not putting much effort in it.

Hash objects is getting into "in memory" with NO-Sql rather hyping but already some years old.

DS2 is very new, most people are not having that. You See some matrix and the hyping "package" buzzword being used. 

The word "object" is as unclear defined as module data-element being used for catalog-object metadata-object.

Object-oriented programming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Re: Object programing in base SAS

OK, thanks.  That is what I thought.

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Re: Object programing in base SAS

If you tell us what "something" is , we might point to the appropriate tool/method to solving the requirement.

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