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ODSDEST=tagsets.MSOFFICE2K Hyperlinks

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ODSDEST=tagsets.MSOFFICE2K Hyperlinks

I have generated a PROC Report with ODS to MSOFFICE2K.  I generate a hyperlink with passed prompts to run a secondary drill down stored process.  That part works great and the column is properly hyperlinked in Excel, using a rtag then call define.  


The problem occurs when I click on the link and it takes me to the SAS log-in page (even thought I've directed it around that by editing the stored process url).  When I log-in, it just stays at the home page and doesn't follow through with the stored process.  HOWEVER, if I right click the hyperlink, click edit link, and copy that link to a new browser and run it - it works perfectly and no additonal log-in.  Can anyone tell me why the link doesn't work straight from Excel output? How do I fix it? 


Note: The secondary stored process has hidden prompts that recieve the field information that is hyperlinked. 

SAS 9.4 


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