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ODS tagsets.tableEditor pivottable styles and cleanup failing

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ODS tagsets.tableEditor pivottable styles and cleanup failing

Hi All,

Just discovered this tagset and have it (mostly) working.  This is great solution for us since we are running EG/Unix.

Two issues:

  1. When I add the pivot_format option, the HTML is created but the 'Create Pivot' script does not work.  I can click the button, but nothing happens.
  2. If I remove pivot_format, the script will run and the data and pivots populate correctly into Excel but the default worksheets (Sheet1-Sheet3) remain in the workbook.  It appears that the generated script is supposed to delete any unused sheets, but mine remain.

The environment is SAS 9.3 on Solaris 10 / EG 5.1 / Windows 7 / Excel 2010 / IE 9

Was not able to attach code or result.  SAS sourcr files and HTML are not allowed (?).   Your kind attention is appreciated.  Thanks in advance.



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Re: ODS tagsets.tableEditor pivottable styles and cleanup failing


  This is really a question for Tech Support. I have found the TAGSETS.TABLEEDITOR to work nicely for pivot tables when I am sure that my data is "clean" and I don't have any missing values for my category or grouping variables. Also, I sometimes have issues with the embedded JavaScript, depending on what browser I am using and if scripting is disabled or there is a scripting error for some reason, the button will never work for me. I no longer have 9.3 to test with...which is another reason I recommend Tech Support. They can look at your data and code and keep it confidential and they have other systems and versions of SAS to test with, if necessary. And, if there is an issue with the embedded JavaScript, they can open a defect to have it fixed. And, since your issue involves an interaction between the script and one of the sub-options, that is an indication to me that Tech Support might need to investigate further.


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