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ODS tagsets.sasreport13 images alignment

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ODS tagsets.sasreport13 images alignment


I am new in the community and I am not a SAS expert.

I have some reports that have to run with SAS Microsoft Add-In in Excel. I would like to add an image at the top of each worksheet. Something like: the user runs the report with the values wanted in the prompt and SAS-Excel generates the report with a default image and others metadata hard coded at the top of the worksheet.

I wrote the proc report to set the table with the metadata (name of the report, date,...), to insert the image and to keep all the columns needed as the output.

The problem is that I would like to have the image aligned left, below the table with the parameters (always aligned left) and below the output of the report. For the parameters and the output is ok, but the image is always centered;

How can I set the image parameters? How can I force all aligned left?

Thank you for you time and for your help

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Re: ODS tagsets.sasreport13 images alignment

When you use the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office you are pulling data and results from SAS into the Office client (Word, Excel, PPT, etc). If you are using Stored Processes, then there might be ways to alter the program to change the image alignment....however, this would be something better explored with Tech Support so they can look at ALL of your code and ALL of your Stored Process settings in order to determine the best way to do what you want.
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