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ODS tagsets msoffice2k excel help

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ODS tagsets msoffice2k excel help


I am using SAS 9.1 in Z/Os platform.

Using ODS tagsets.msoffice2k i have created an excel file. How can i zip this excel file?

I want this file to be zipped and mailed. I am able to mail the excel file fine.But not able to zip it as excel instead getting some junk characters.

Kindly help
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Re: ODS tagsets msoffice2k excel help

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Using ODS MSOFFICE2K, you are NOT creating a "true, binary" Excel file. ODS MSOFFICE2K creates Microsoft "flavor" of HTML tags. Both Excel and Word know how to open and render HTML files. Calling the output file as .XLS does not make the file a true,binary Excel file. Using an extension of .XLS just fools the Windows registry into launching Excel when you double click on the file name.

I do not know how you create zip files or zip archives on the mainframe. As you have discovered, emailing the HTML file created by ODS MSOFFICE2K should work fine. If you have questions about creating a zip archive on the mainframe, you might want to work with Tech Support.

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