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ODS tagsets Msoffice2k_x multiple reports top and bottom

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ODS tagsets Msoffice2k_x multiple reports top and bottom



I have a business requirement to implement the excel template file in SAS. Where the format should be same as the excel template file. I have done all the reporting and styling of reports same as excel format. But in the excel template file reports are top and bottom. But when i implement the report by using proc report in sas i getting the reports side by side. 

Can any one suggest me how to implement multiple reports top and bottom in same excel sheet.

I have done this but i'm getting the reports side by side.


Attachment has Proc template code for ODS Tagsets...

and ods tagsets code is...

ods tagsets.msoffice2k_x path="xxxx\Phoenix"
file="Phoenix.html" style=minimal options(panelcols="9") ;

proc report data=xxx;

ods tagsets.msoffice2k_x close;


ods tagsets.msoffice2k_x path="\xxxx\11_Phoenix"
file="Phoenix.xls" style=journal
"Units #.\Phoenix.html ,
Volume #.\Phoenix_Vol.html " ) ;

data _null_;
file print;
put _all_;
ods tagsets.msoffice2k_x close;

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Re: ODS tagsets Msoffice2k_x multiple reports top and bottom

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Have you tried with ods tagsets.excelxp?

Or ods excel if you have 9.4 SAS.  These are newer and hence have more functionality.


The easiest way I found if your a) forced to use such tosh as Excel, and b) are provided a template, is to do the processing in Excel using VBA.  Export your output data from SAS to CSV file format.  Then write a VBA macro which opens this CSV data and places the information where you want in the Excel file.  The reason is that whilst SAS has madea agreat deal of progress towards intergration with Excel via tagsets.excelxp, and excel, the fact is that Excel is completely unstructured and hence its very difficult to implement every possible connotation - i.e. you might want data to appear above each other, another person might want pictures there etc.

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Re: ODS tagsets Msoffice2k_x multiple reports top and bottom

Hi RW9,



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