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ODS sample code - account balance

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ODS sample code - account balance

Hi everybody,

I need to generate ~1,000 statements with SAS, one statement for each customer in PDF format and e-mail them. Something similar to the account balance you get from your bank, very close to a credit card statement.

1- I guess ODS is the way to go. Is there other alternative?

2- I am sure somebody has done something like this. If you are so kind to share your code, I will really appreciate it. I am new to ODS and I don't have a clue on where to start. Any suggestions or comments are welcome

3- Is it possible to design a template with a graphic desing tool and "fill the blanks" with SAS?


Thanks a lot!

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Re: ODS sample code - account balance

Start by writing the code for 1 statement.  This could be as simple as:

data tmp;

ods pdf file="c:\tmp.pdf";
proc print data=tmp noobs;
ods pdf close;

filename tmp email "..." attach="c:\tmp.pdf";

data _null_;
  file tmp;
  put 'Hi your file.';

filename tmp clear;

Once you have it working for one, then you can start to replace key parts with macro to be able to run it for X number of times.


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