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ODS in Web Report Studio

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ODS in Web Report Studio

Hello all,

I'm using the below in a stored proc that runs in Web Report Studio. The table comes out fine but the box in proc tabulate does not seem to keep to style i've assigned to it. WRS overrides it and dumps out that nice yellow color it seems to love. Again, other columns come out green, as i want them. WRS only seems to override the box. Any Ideas?

ods html ;
ods escapechar='^';
title1 bcolor=lightgreen color=black justify=center 'Summary Weekly Web Metrics';
footnote1 ;
proc tabulate data=report(where=(End_of_Week between today()-7*7 and today() ) )
s=[ cellwidth=25 cellheight=25 font_face=Arial font_size=1 ] ;
class Source End_of_Week;
classlev Source / style=[cellwidth=100 background=lightgreen foreground=black font_face=Arial font_size=1 ] ;
classlev End_of_Week / style=[cellwidth=100 background=lightgreen foreground=black font_face=Arial font_size=1 ] ;
var Contacts Pct_of_all_Calls PEs Cost PCT_All_PEs PCT_SSDI Price_Per_Call Conversion WoW /
style=[cellwidth=100 background=lightgreen foreground=black font_face=Arial font_size=1 just=center ];
keyword sum /style=[background=lightgreen cellheight=0];
table (Source='')*(End_of_Week=''),
Contacts='Web Contacts'*sum=''*f=comma9.0
WoW='Week over Week Variance'* [s=[foreground=watchit. just=center font_face=Arial font_size=1] f=comma9.0] *sum={label='' }
Pct_of_all_Calls='% of All Calls' *sum=''* f=pctfmt.
PEs='PEs'*sum='' * f=comma9.0
Conversion ='Conversion (PE/Contacts)'*sum='' * f=pctfmt.
PCT_All_PEs='Web PEs Over Total (%)'*sum=''*f=pctfmt.
PCT_SSDI='SSDI %'*sum=''*f=pctfmt.
Price_Per_Call='Price per Call($)'*sum=''*f=dollar15.2
/box=[style=[cellwidth=25 cellheight=25 background=lightgreen foreground=black ] label='Weekly Summary Web Perfomance Metrics'] indent=0;
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Re: ODS in Web Report Studio

This may be a question for Tech Support. The fact is that no matter what destination you have in your ODS invocation statement -- ODS HTML, ODS MSOFFICE2K, etc, SAS Web Report Studio can only render SAS Report XML output. So, behind the scenes, when you send a stored process to Web Report Studio, the results are -always- turned into SAS Report XML. In other client applications, like the Information Delivery Portal or Microsoft Word, the HTML results would probably be fine. But, XML is not HTML and sometimes style attributes that seem to work fine in HTML-based results do not work the same way in XML-based results from a stored process.

Your best bet for resolution would be to work with SAS Tech Support to find out whether the box area in PROC TABULATE can be changed with style= overrides.

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Re: ODS in Web Report Studio

Posted in reply to Cynthia_sas
The code below also seems to suffer the same fate. WRS just overrides any formats. How do I get in touch with SAS tech support?

proc report data=report;
column Source End_of_Week Contacts WoW Pct_of_all_Calls PEs Cost PCT_All_PEs PCT_SSDI Price_Per_Call Conversion ;
define Source/group;
define End_of_Week/group;
compute Source;
if (mod(count,2)) then do;
call define(_row_,"Style", "Style=[Background=black]");
where End_of_Week between today()-7*7 and today() ;
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Re: ODS in Web Report Studio

From the SAS support website there is a link to Submit a Problem - here's the destination link and form to use:

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Re: ODS in Web Report Studio

Look at the bottom of this page for the link text "software issues that require SAS action." That link will take you to a form where you can open a track with Technical Support.
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Re: ODS in Web Report Studio

Dear Web Report Studio Users,

In order to make SAS Web Report Studio (WRS) a better reporting tool, WRS will be conducting a few different usability tests on future design prototypes. We would love to get feedback on these designs from WRS users. In order to set up these tests, please take a five minute survey so we can place you in the appropriate usability test.

Future usabiltiy tests will be conducted within the new SAS support site WRS forum.

If you have any questions or encounter technical difficulties, please contact Jennifer Cowley at

Many thanks,
SAS Web Report Studio Usability
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