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ODS Templates and Styles Question

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ODS Templates and Styles Question

Hi All:

I created a report using PROC REPORT that uses EXCELXP to write out a multi-tab spreadsheet.

As I was developong this report I used a standard ODS template (the MINIMAL template) with some modification to the column headings and system titles.

Everything was fine until I added a RBREAK to the PROC REPORT.  The summary line that is printed has a different font size, weight, and justification than the font used for all the other cells.  I did not make any changes to the SUMMARY either.

1) Is there a way using the PROC TEMPLATE to insure the summary lines are printed the same as the rest of the report,

2) How do I identify which part of the TEMPLATE is causing this to happen (will ODS TRACE do it?).

Thanks in advance.

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ODS Templates and Styles Question

Here's a quick answer which I hope points you in the right direction. I'm sorry I can't test it right now. The style element for RBREAK lines is DataEmphasis. So in your Template modification, you should be able to add a "class DataEmphasis / ..." and style that. I suspect you can also style the RBREAK section directly in the Proc Report, but, again I apologize, I'm not at a SAS machine at the moment to be more helpful. If this doesn't help, post back here and I'll take another crack at it later.


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Re: ODS Templates and Styles Question

To add to Karl's response, ODS TRACE only traces output objects, so it's not going to help you with style elements. However, when I use BREAK and RBREAK with style minimal, I do not observe the style change you mention. See attached code and screen shot.


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ODS Templates and Styles Question

Posted in reply to Cynthia_sas

Hmmm, I see what you're saying, Cynthia. I got the same results you did. Perhaps the OP is doing some styling s/he didn't mention that is having some inheritance side effects.

Anyway, OS2rules, now that I'm back at my own box, I took Cynthia's code and just stuck a style over-ride on the rbreak statement, rather than going to the trouble of running Proc Template. If you wanted to go with this solution, you'd need to change my "{color=red}" to set the style attributes that are wrong in your case. This is just a quick & dirty example:

(. . . Cynthia's code up to the rbreak line . . .)

rbreak after / summarize style={color=red};


If you wanted to post more of your code, we might be able to diagnose why your rbreak line is screwy. I'm kinda curious about that.


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