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ODS RTF and No Section Breaks

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ODS RTF and No Section Breaks

I am using SAS 9.1.3 and creating RTF's using ODS and PROC REPORT.

I wish to place more than one PROC REPORT output on one page of my RTF. I can achieve this by using STARTPAGE=NO is the ODS command, however it still inserts continuous section breaks between the tables - this is something that I cannot have.
How can I remove these breaks?

Many thanks.
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Re: ODS RTF and No Section Breaks

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There are a couple of things to try before contacting SAS Technical Support. Every time a proc starts there is an explicit call for a newpage. Even when startpage=no is on, there may be a need to issue the section information since there could be any number of things needed (from page oritentation chnages to changes in styles to requests for changes in page numbering, etc), that require a renewal of section information.

Although startpage=no adds a \sbknone to the section information, the section information is updated and can be used at the first opportunity.

The bodytitle information will remove the titles and footnotes from the section information and place it in the body of the table where it will not overwrite what the current information is. This may address your needs if it is the titles and footnotes you are concerned with.

If you need to have ALL the information stripped and take all teh responsiblity for what that means, please contact SAS Technical Support. This will do 2 things. They may be able to provide you with a troublsome way to strip the section information out of your rtf file in 9.1.3. It could also lead to a request to make this easier to do in future releases.
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