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ODS RTF & Word 2010

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ODS RTF & Word 2010

Hi all,

Has anyone encountered a situation where Word 2010 is rendering an RTF file created using ODS RTF using Word 97 settings and is messing up alignment of statistics in table cells? Changing the rendering options to Word 2010 makes things appear as they should but this is a manual step that needs repeating on a file by file basis and cannot be set globally. Has anyone any suggestions? My thoughts are leading me towards the setting of cell alignment and coumn widths but I would appreciate it if anyone had anything better.

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Re: ODS RTF & Word 2010


Could you clarify what you mean by "Word 2010 is rendering an RTF file created using ODS RTF using Word 97 settings", is this something you are doing in Word?

One thing that came up when we moved over to SAS9.3 was that the template language had changed slightly, padding became cellpadding or vice-versa which messed up our outputs.

Maybe you could post an example, just simple rtf output and state the steps which is causing your issue.

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Re: ODS RTF & Word 2010

Can you post a sample and example?

Which style template are you using, your own or one out of the box?

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Re: ODS RTF & Word 2010

Yes. I had a series of reports prepared with SAS 9.2.3 using ODS RTF output that looked fine with Word 2003. When we "upgraded" to Office 2010 those reports had font, alignment and graphs had many scale issues.

Now I immediately turn all RTF into DOCX format hoping that won't happen again, But as far as the old reports go the only option I see would be to re-run the code that generated them in the new system. My clients haven't been concerned for the issues but if needed that's what I would do.

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