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ODS RTF Unbreakable space

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ODS RTF Unbreakable space

I am concatenating a string in a compute block of a PROC REPORT.

description= Part1 || " " || Part2;

Part1="United States"
Part2= "(Continued)"

The resulting rtf string is


I need spaces not unbreakable spaces (\~).

How do I do that?

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Re: ODS RTF Unbreakable space

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Sorry, John. There's no way to do this with REPORT. Then nonbreaking spaces are deliberate. REPORT really wants each LINE statement to create exactly one line of output. Possibly you could post-process the RTF output but that's out of my league.
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Re: ODS RTF Unbreakable space

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Although you cannot get rid of the unbreakable spaces inserted by proc Report, you can add your own breakable spaces where you think you should have some... Use ODS ESCAPECHAR="^" ; (for instance) and then the breakable space is ^w. Just add it in your code, something like :

description= Part1 || "^w" || Part2;

If you resize the table in the RTF document, that would cut the text between part1 and part2.

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