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ODS RTF Output Multiple Rows

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ODS RTF Output Multiple Rows

I am producing a report that I am exporting to a word document through SAS using the following opening code:

options papersize=A4 orientation=landscape;
goptions reset=all device=jpeg;

ods rtf file ='/user01/ucollrec/Alan/rtfexample.rtf' columns=2;

I then produce a half dozen tables that are not very large and so don't take up much space but the output will have the first 2 tables on one page side by side and then a lot of blank space underneath where the other tables could go but SAS puts them to a new page.

I have tried startpage=no but this doesn't have any effect.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Re: ODS RTF Output Multiple Rows

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I'm not sure that columns and startpage really work the way you want (to place multiple tables on the same "page" when Word opens the RTF file).

If you wanted PDF, I would recommend that you investigate ODS LAYOUT and ODS REGION -- but I do not believe that ODS RTF supports those. But, for a look at what ODS LAYOUT can do, look at Exhibit 7 in this paper:

Another thing to try is to use the HTMLPANEL tagset to create an HTML file using LAYOUT and REGIONS and PANELS and then to open the HTML page with Microsoft Word. However, in this scenario, you would have to use Word to insert page breaks and adjust the tables accordingly. The HTMLPANEL tagset is described here:

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