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ODS PDF links through proc greplay

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ODS PDF links through proc greplay

In the process of building a new report - all graphs, to run in batch mode once developed.  I'm looking for some pointers / resources to help me along the way.

Page 1 would be a proc greplay production of perhaps 20 graphs on the page.  I'd like each graph (title or byline) to link to its own page "2" - also a greplay production with several graphs on the page. I'd prefer a pdf solution (html is an option).

I've looked at Usage note 24174.  I wasn't able to make the link work through greplay, hence this request for help to get me started.

A 9.1 solution would work best for me at this time.  A 9.3 solution is an option.  I have two PCs - one with 9.1 and one with 9.3.



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