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ODS PDF and national symbols

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ODS PDF and national symbols

Dear SAS experts,
could you please help me to solve the problem - I want to make a pdf document using PROC PRITN procedure of data set that contains some string variables, whose values have national symbols.

My SAS session's encoding option is set to WBALTIC. The data set contains correct national symbols, but when I output the table to ods pdf destination there are no national symbols in it. Insted of them I get some other bad characters.

Could you please help me to find out how can I print national symbols to pdf destination.

Thanks a lot.

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Re: ODS PDF and national symbols

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Hi, Sarunas:
It says here that

"Support for national character sets is provided in SAS 9.1 by using the FreeType library and TrueType fonts."

If this is what you mean, your best bet might be to contact Tech Support for help in this matter. Another document that talks about enabling national character support is this one:

Information about installing/registering FreeType fonts can be found here:

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