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ODS PDF - Third Level for Bookmarks

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ODS PDF - Third Level for Bookmarks

I'm using ods pdf to create a pdf report.
Using proclabel I'm able to make one level of bookmarks.
Using des= in proc gplot I'm able to make a second level for my bookmarks in the pdf file.
I was wondering if it's possible to create a third level of bookmarks (with gplot) in the pdf file?
Thank you.
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Re: ODS PDF - Third Level for Bookmarks

I don't understand your need
a bookmark in a pdf file serve to find a 'paper' page
with your second level, you are able to reach a graph (gplot) on a page
Why a third level Then?
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Re: ODS PDF - Third Level for Bookmarks

Recommend searching the SAS support website for topic-related reference documents, or use the Google advanced search argument below to find reference material, some of which is version-related as TECHNOTES:

ods pdf bookmark level gplot

Scott Barry
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TS-659 Exporting SAS/GRAPH Output to PDF Files
from Release 8.2 and higher

Using SAS®9 ODS Features to Present Table and Graph Data
in an Adobe PDF File
Lori S. Parsons, Ovation Research Group, Seattle, Washington
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Re: ODS PDF - Third Level for Bookmarks

In addition to the suggestions you've already been given....

If what you want is to -insert- a TOC level in the bookmarks -- a level not automatically created by SAS and your procedure, then your choice is ODS DOCUMENT, which will allow you to create your own TOC/bookmark hierarchy.➆

This previous forum post is most relevant and you can search the documentation for more information on how to use PROC DOCUMENT. Or, look at this SGF paper:

Most folks want to take levels away from the TOC or rearrange the objects in the TOC, however, so the paper only shows that kind of customization.

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