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ODS PDF File Size

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ODS PDF File Size

Hello -

I have a STP that produces a 1 page PDF that includes a proc ganno and a proc report.  The annotation dataset includes an "IMAGE" function that refers to a background jpeg (and the image is only 106kb).  However, despite this small jpeg size, the output PDF file size is always considerably larger than I would expect it to be.  (These PDF's need to be e-mailed out multiple at a time, so file size is of the essence.)

The code for my ODS statment is below, and:

  • If I create the PDF as is, the file size is 1.05MB
  • If I use NOIMAGEPRINT, the background image doesn't get printed and the final PDF is only 30.46kb. 

Does that sound correct?  The background image is only 106kb, but it's causing a 30.46kb PDF to jump to over 1MB in size?  Is there something wrong in my code below that is over-inflating the image?

Please let me know if there is anything I can do in order to de-crease the end file size... jumping almost 1 mb in size for a 106kb image seems over the top. 

options noquotelenmax nobyline nodate nonumber nofontembedding jpegquality=min orientation=landscape papersize=(11in 8.5in) rightmargin=0.25in leftmargin=0.25in bottommargin=0.25in topmargin=0.1in device='ACTXIMG';

ods pdf style=styles.sasweb compress=9 dpi=150 nobookmarkgen nocontents notoc ;

ods escapechar="^";

goptions hsize=550 vsize=375 pt FONTRES=presentation imageprint ;

proc ganno annotate=work.annotation; run;

proc report data=annotatesummary

  style(header)=[background=black font_size=7pt font_weight=bold]

  style(report)=[borderwidth=0.5 bordercolor=black cellpadding=2pt cellspacing=0 frame=box rules=none verticalalign=center];

  columns  a, b, c, d, e, f, g

  define a--g / '' center style=[fontsize=&7pt];


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Re: ODS PDF File Size

Hi, you might want to open a track with Tech Support on this issue. The fact is that anytime you use graphics ...whether created with SAS or even including a logo as an image, the resulting PDF file does not maintain the image format (such as JPEG) for your image. It was my understanding that all images used in a PDF (or RTF) document are converted to  an internal Adobe document the ODS file creation process somehow. Images used with RTF output are converted to RTF internal format and images used with PDF output are converted to PDF internal format. If the resulting file size is unacceptable to you (and I see that you are using COMPRESS=9), then the only folks who could help you or consult with the PDF developers are the folks in Tech Support.

  To open a track with Tech Support, send email to, or fill out the form at this link: or you can call them at 919-677-8008 to open a track.


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