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ODS PDF FILE table not displayed

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ODS PDF FILE table not displayed

Hi, I am creating a PDF file with charts. One of the pages is a proc report. the table is not displaying because I think it is longer than one page. That's just a guess. so it displays the title of that page and that's all, it moves to the next page. The next page is displaying the charts correctly.


Any idea of what I cand o to make this table display?

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Re: ODS PDF FILE table not displayed

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Are you using ODS TEXT= and/or STARTPAGE=NO or STARTPAGE=NEVER? Without seeing your code and some sample data, no one can even try to replicate your issue. There was a Tech Support note from a few years back that you would not get an image if you were using {THISPAGE} and {LASTPAGE} with images and ODS PDF, but not getting a TABLE is strange. Generally, SAS starts the table on the page with the title unless your code is doing something strange. If I use PROC REPORT with ODS PDF and the table is longer than 1 page, the table just continues to the next page(s).


**For example, this code generates a 4 page output;
ods pdf file='c:\temp\doshoes.pdf' ;
proc report;
title 'SASHELP.SHOES -- more than 1 page';
where region in ('Asia', 'Pacific', 'Western Europe');
ods pdf close;
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