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ODS PDF - 508 compliant?

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ODS PDF - 508 compliant?

I have created a very extensive ODS PDF file using ods layout and region that uses proc report and proc gmap and proc gchart to create a 40+ page report that includes anchors and hyperlinks.  All that works great and is getting very positive reviews.  Only issue is that it does NOT pass the Adobe accessibility checker test.

I am getting the following failed notifications by section:

Documents - Tagged PDF failed, Title Failed

Page Conent - tagged content, tagged annotations, tab order

Alternate Text  figures alternate text, nested alternate text, associated with content, hides annotation, other elements alternate text

Tabless  rows, TH and TD, Headers, Regularity

Lists - list items, lbl and lbody

Headings - appropriate nesting

I am using SAS 9.2 TS2M3 but do not think even the latest version of SAS is fully 508 compliant for ODS PDF.  Surprised this can be the case but think it is.

So does anyone know if there is some software that can be used to make the generated PDF pass the 508 compliance test or other ways to handle this?

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Re: ODS PDF - 508 compliant?

TBH I hadn't heard of this before you mentioned it.  It looks like 508 compatability is per:

SAS only creates software to create PDF files, i.e. compliance in terms of PDF renderers being able to display the file.  I don't believe anywhere they say they support specific third party requirements such as this, as virtually every entity will have its own compliance regulations.  Much as in the same way that XML is an export option, but they don't (without add ins) automatically create define.xml.  Its too specific to build into a general software, although additional components can be added.

I would suggest going through that checklist and what has fallen out from your check, and search online for each bit.  There will at least be some of it you would need to do manually.

One other method I can think of is to generate the outputs from SAS, then use Adobe or something simliar, with a javascript processor to pull the information into the PDF with appropriate setup.  Its a bit annoying I know, the problem lies with PDF not being an open source format, now if it was XML or something you could build it by hand pretty easy.

Sorry, can't really be much more help.

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