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ODS Output Pulls Up Slowly

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ODS Output Pulls Up Slowly

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I am running regular old SAS (i.e. not Enterprise Guide, JMP, etc.) 9.4 TS Level 1M2 on 64-bit Windows 10 Professional (Version 6.2.9200).  When I run any procedures that produce output and I have "Create HTML" turned on under Tools->Options-->Preferences-->Results, it takes an inordinate amount of time for SAS to pull up the HTML Results Viewer Window.  If I turn the option off and just output results to just the text output, the procedure runs in the usual amount of time.  The output is slow to pull up whether or not a lot of output is displayoed.  For example, a proc print of only 10 rows of 2 variables takes about 20 seconds to pull up.  On other systems, the output is pulled up almost instantly after running the program. 

I have tried a number of things to get this to work more quickly and resolve this, such as changing the default output style and output directory, but I havne't had any luck.  Does anyone else have any suggestions on how to resolve this?



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Re: ODS Output Pulls Up Slowly

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Without really knowing how much output your trying to generate, my advice would be to supress the output in SAS and route the output to an external file. I also might try output to a PDF. Then just open the file via Windows Explorer. You can sandwich your ODS statements between "ods noresults;" and "ods results;" to ensure that SAS does not try to generate output in the results window.

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