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ODS Markup to Excel

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ODS Markup to Excel

Good morning,


I can't export graphic in excel.

I have this message error

WARNING: Could not restore referenced object: tagsets.htmlcss.
WARNING: Could not find parent template: tagsets.htmlcss.
ERROR: Styles.Default not found. Be sure that Styles.Default and your preferred style are in your ODS path

Can you help me please.

think you


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Re: ODS Markup to Excel

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Can you provide what you are trying to do, e.g. code.  Graphic could mean any number of things.  Have you tried ods tagsets.excelxp?

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Re: ODS Markup to Excel

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ODS TAGSETS.EXCELXP does not support any graphics by Microsoft design. ODS EXCEL (need 9.4) does support graphics.

ODS HTML, ODS MSOFFICE2K and ODS TAGSETS.MSOFFICE2K_X and other HTML-based destinations would allow you to create an HTML file with text and graphics and then Excel (ever since Excel 97) can open this type of HTML file.

But you need to post ALL your code because you would get a different warning message if TAGSETS.EXCELXP could not create graphics.

And, you don't really "export" graphics from SAS to Excel. For HTML-based destinations, your file has an <IMG> tag that Excel knows how to use (most of the time).

@RW9 is right -- we need to see ALL your code that produced your error message. The message you got seems very similar to these and and might be relevant.

If you are trying to use a custom style template, you need to include that code too.

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