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ODS MSOFFICE2K vs ods tagsets.excelxp

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ODS MSOFFICE2K vs ods tagsets.excelxp

Hi all--

I was just wondering if someone could tell me what the differences between/ pros and cons of  MSOFFICE2K  vs tagsets.excelxp when creating ecxel spreadsheets/workbooks.

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Re: ODS MSOFFICE2K vs ods tagsets.excelxp


  There have been MANY previous forum postings about the differences. The features are really up to you whether they're pros or cons. If the inclusion of images or logos is important to you than you might stick with HTML methods and ODS MSOFFICE2K. If multi-sheet workbooks is important to you and you do not have graphs or images to include, then ODS TAGSETS.EXCELXP is a better choice.

  Bottom line is that neither method creates "true, binary, proprietary" Excel files. When you use ODS methods, you are creating ASCII text files that Excel knows how to open and render so that you report looks like a workbook with worksheets. If you open your files from ODS with Notepad you will see either HTML tags or XML tags in the file:

ODS MSOFFICE2K creates Microsoft "flavor" of HTML tags

ODS TAGSETS.EXCELXP creates Microsoft "flavor" of XML tags for Spreadsheet Markup Language 2003


Short Comparison:

                      ODS MSOFFICE2K             ODS TAGSETS.EXCELXP

What Is Created   Microsoft "flavor" HTML      Microsoft "flavor" of XML

                  created in Office 2000       created for Spreadsheet Markup

                                                 XML as defined in Office 2003


How Excel renders Uses SAS style               Uses SAS style

                  Only 1 sheet in 1 workbook   Multiple sheets in 1 workbook


Include Images?     Yes                             No


How to override

Excel defaults    STYLE= override (HTMLSTYLE)  STYLE= override (TAGATTR)


Version Excel     Office 2000 and higher       Office 2003 and higher

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