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ODS Layout + Region / Table lost output (PDF)

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ODS Layout + Region / Table lost output (PDF)


i produce a page with gslide (custom Header + Footer with images) and 2 graphics with greplay and need a proc report or table output (with data step). When the report produces more output as fit's on the defined region i got "The absolute region was too small to accommodate the text supplied. OUTPUT WAS LOST."

Is there any chance to get the dimensions proc report needs to produce correct results ? I could create a page break manual and produce the rest on the next page.

Any other methods possible ?

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Re: ODS Layout + Region / Table lost output (PDF)

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When you use absolute layout and define a region you are telling ODS exactly what you want. There is no way I know of to tell proc report how big it can get. But you can do some style stuff to make it as small as possible. Since data is not static perhaps the proc report should go into a different region or a new page.

If you want to post some sample code I can take a look at it and see if I can offer some more suggestions

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