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ODS HTML text paragraph

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ODS HTML text paragraph

Hi All,

Wondering what "best practice" is for generating a paragraph or two of text using ODS HTML.

So say you have a report, and want introductory text.

Do people use ODS TEXT= to write a paragraph (or more?)

Do people write the text to a dataset and then use PROC REPORT to print it?

I haven't had much need in the past to use SAS to write a paragraph.  But in this case I'm sending an email (html) with a table, and want to add enough text to the beginning that folks will understand what they are getting.



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Re: ODS HTML text paragraph


I do a lot of text reports and rarely use ODS TEXT=. Just from my experiene, you get more reliability and consistency from your PROC REPORT solution. For starters, I use something like:

proc report data=whatever nowindows noheader

style(report) = [rules=none frame=void cellspacing=0]


Then, all the usual style elements you might need like margins, indentation, alignment, etc. all work as expected in REPORT to fancy things up a little.

If it helps, I did a poster on some of this stuff a while back:


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Re: ODS HTML text paragraph

Thanks for your thoughts Karl, and the link to your paper.  Nify approach to creating bulleted text.


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