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ODS HTML creating multiple files

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ODS HTML creating multiple files


My ODS HTML is working differently than in past versions (Windows XP, SAS v9.2).

The problem is that the code below is creating two separate files, one for each PROC FREQ, one called test.html and another called test1.html. I would like the tables to appear in one HTML file, one after the other.

The problem appears to be happening in conjunction with the Tools/Options/Preferences/Results [tab]/HTML option. With 'Create HTML' checked, test and test1 are created, but with it unchecked, I get the desired behaviour of one file called test with two frequency tables inside.

Is there another option I need to set if I'm using the HTML results preference checked?

ods html file = 'H:\test.html';
proc freq data = a;
table q0c;
proc freq data = b;
table q0c;
ods html close;

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Re: ODS HTML creating multiple files

Somehow you are getting the SAS ODS option NEWFILE=PROC associated with your SAS execution. On the ODS statement, try coding NEWFILE=NONE to suppress/override the behavior.

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