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ODS HTML - ToC and Frame File

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ODS HTML - ToC and Frame File

So it seems that no matter what I do, there ends up being blank space between my titles on the ToC that can be clicked on, causing the procedure name to disappear\collapse. Any way to disable this behavior?

Ideally, my ToC\Frame would only have the links to the appropriate section of the report.

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Re: ODS HTML - ToC and Frame File

ODS HTML is making very "vanilla" HTML 4.0 tags, <FRAMESET> and <FRAME> tags. So, the fact is that a lot of folks make their series of related files and then send the separate file names or named anchors, etc to their web guys who then build JavaScript or PHP or ASP or whatever they use instead of vanilla frames.

If you want to see the active link and only the link in your frame file from ODS HTML, then you have 2 or 3 ways to make that happen:
1) abandon the FRAME= file built by ODS HTML and build your own (newer!, more streamlined!) HTML file with whatever structure/code you want and then use it instead of the original FRAME= file (It will most be DATA _NULL_ and a bunch of PUT statements); or

2) use ODS DOCUMENT to save the original output objects and then rearrange the output objects to get rid of all the intermediate folder structure in the FRAME= and TOC= files and generate a new TOC and FRAME file from the new structure, as shown in this paper: ; or

3) use a SAS Style template to alter some, but not all of the TOC file that ODS generates, as described in these SAS notes:

4) use a custom HTML-based tagset template to generate the HTML tags that you want for your TOC (this assumes, like #1, that you know what HTML tags you want to generate.) This paper shows a combination of #3 and #4 approach:

Personally, I prefer the ODS DOCUMENT approach over the style template or tagset template approach, but I've used all 4 approaches at one time or another and they are all do-able. Also, if all you're talking about is the expansion/contraction of the TOC list, these may be relevant:

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