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ODS Graph in the forefront

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ODS Graph in the forefront


     I have a graph that is created with ODS.  In the TITLE section, I have a selection box that drops down, and a calendar that can be displayed to select dates from.

The selection box drops down over the top of the graph below it, as it should, but the DIV that the calendar opens in, is partially covered by the DIV that the graph is in.

I've tried setting the position to 'absolute', and set the z-index to 9, to try to ensure that the calendar will display in the forefront, but have had no luck.  Would anyone

know what else I might try ? 

  Thanks  Tom

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ODS Graph in the forefront

You first need to ensure your divs are laid down in the correct order.  Make sure the SAS/Graph div is first - followed by the calendar DIV.  The second step would be to position the divs correctly.  You may or may not need this step. 

You may need to slide the other div on top of the SAS/Graph div by moving the margin.  Something like this:



    float:                  right;

    width:                  125px;

    margin-right:           10px;

    margin-left: -25px;

The negative margin will move the DIV - you'll need to play with the movement to get the right overlap.  I'd use an html editor with WSWIG to play with the margins and creation of the divs until you get the action required.  You can then go back to SAS to re-create the HTML as needed.


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