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ODS EXCEL cell borders

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ODS EXCEL cell borders

I want to modify the attributes of cell borders as would be done in EXCEL with the menu shown in the attachment.  Are there style attributes that control this?  Is it TAGATTR?  Something else? 



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Re: ODS EXCEL cell borders

Are you working with a style template or predefined style?

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Re: ODS EXCEL cell borders

Hi data_null_,


I used the example near the end of Eric Gebhart's 2008 paper to create my own custom style template and then use the styles in my Proc Report compute blocks.  See



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Re: ODS EXCEL cell borders

If it is a procedure like proc print, report or tabulate then style overrides for Borderwidth (bordertopwidth, borderbottomwidth, borderleft width or borderrightwidth to address them individually) and/or bordercolor (bordertopcolor etc) generally worked for me. The fun part is getting width unit as a simple number can get pretty large changes so something like Borderwidth=3px or borderwidth=0.1cm.


A brief example with proc print:

proc print data=sashelp.class;
   var name /style={borderwidth=1};
   var age  /style={borderwidth=2};
   var height / style={borderwidth=3};

Each variable witll have a different thickness of line around the values.


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