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ODS EXCEL - Proc Reports Side by Side

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ODS EXCEL - Proc Reports Side by Side



I am preparing a detailed report with ODS EXCEL.


I couldn't figure out how to print my proc reports side by side on a sheet. There is a solution with using R in the forums but I am looking for a different solution.


I want my data to look like this:


Proc report 1 (newyork)   

Proc report 2 (miami)

Proc report 3 (paris)                                                



 Proc report 1New York     Proc report2Miami     Proc Report 3Paris   
Date Date Growth % Date Date Growth % Date Date Growth %
TurnoverTurnover TurnoverTurnover TuronverTurnover
  01/06/2017     01/06/2017     01/06/2017. 

x $

02/06/2017a$+k% 01/06/2018...02/06/2017.. 01/06/2018..02/06/2017..
02/06/2018y $03/06/2017b$+m% 02/06/2018.03/06/2017.. 02/06/2018.03/06/2017..
03/06/2018z $04/06/2017c$+n% 03/06/2018.04/06/2017.. 03/06/2018.04/06/2017. .
04/06/2018.05/06/2017.+% 04/06/2018.05/06/2017.. 04/06/2018.05/06/2017..
05/06/2018.06/06/2017.. 05/06/2018.06/06/2017.. 05/06/2018.06/06/2017..
06/06/2018.07/06/2017.. 06/06/2018.07/06/2017.. 06/06/2018.07/06/2017..
07/06/2018.08/06/2017.. 07/06/2018.08/06/2017.. 07/06/2018.08/06/2017..
08/06/2018.09/06/2017.. 08/06/2018.09/06/2017.. 08/06/2018.09/06/2017..
09/06/2018.10/06/2017.. 09/06/2018.10/06/2017.. 09/06/2018.10/06/2017..
10/06/2018. $11/06/2017.$+.% 10/06/2018.11/06/2017.. 10/06/2018.11/06/2017..


The hardest way to do this is preparing the data source by appending side by side but I will have a lot of proc reports around 7-8.


Is there a way to print proc reports at the same sheet side by side?


Thank you


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Re: ODS EXCEL - Proc Reports Side by Side

As far as I know you can't.  You can merge the data together - I don't see why this is a big issue for you?

data want;
  merge report1
             report2 (rename=(date=date2 turnover=turnover2...))
             report3 (rename=(date=date3...));
  by ...;

There are missing parts there as I don't have full information, maybe you want to merge by _n_, if so you need to add that as a variable to the data.

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