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ODS Absolute layout proc report

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ODS Absolute layout proc report


I'm having a heck of a time getting an absolute layout to consume the entire physical page.  Despite my attempts, the region thinks it's too small for the content and states that output is lost.  There is still room on the physical page for output, but layout complains and quits writing to the region.

I have a region statement:

ods region x=0in y=2.791in width=10in height=30in ;

... then 2 proc report statements

The dataset has 48 obs and is printing 33 of them.  I can adjust the report to squeeze things into the space - but I can't seem to get the region to extend to the bottom of the page.  I have margins set to zero and they seem to be working fine because my top margin is right at the top of the page.

options leftmargin=0 in rightmargin= 0 in bottommargin= 0 in;

Any ideas or any ideas how to see the region to help debug?  I suspect the region is not as large as I think it is.



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Re: ODS Absolute layout proc report


  To help you with this, someone would need to see all of your code (including your ODS destination statements) and all of your ODS LAYOUT and ODS REGION statements and all of your options. And they would need to know what version of SAS you were running (9.4, 9.3, 9.2, etc), since ODS LAYOUT was not production in some of the earlier releases of SAS. Then, they would also need to have a sample dataset in order to try to replicate your issue. Tech Support is generally best equipped to handle these types of issues. If they cannot figure out why you do not have control over your entire printable area, they can ask the ODS LAYOUT or ODS PDF developers for help or suggestions (assuming that you are trying to do this with ODS PDF).

  To open a track with Tech Support, send email to, or fill out the form at this link: or you can call them at 919-677-8008 to open a track.



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