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Need help in creating a "pretty" report

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Need help in creating a "pretty" report

We are trying to create reports of the following caliber and I was wondering if ODS Proc Report or something else can help me do this:

Please let me know if the link does not work, I think you might need to copy/paste it into another window.

If you can see the link its a screen shot of the Word document that I am currently populating by copy/pasting the values for "Tot:" field. I am sure there is a more efficient way of doing it.

I have used Proc Tabulate with MLF format before but I don't think I can get this type of report. Basically each variable from left to right is a breaks down to the each of the columns (all adding up to the previous columns).

Now the kicker is that there are about say 20 sites for each I need to produce site level tables and then roll each of the sites into 2 regions of say 10 sites each and produce aggregate region level tables.

I am thinking its going to be a Macro with some sort of ODS with Proc Report/Tabulate inside it.

Is is fairly simple? Replicating this table EXACTLY (yep that means even the pretty colors and correct titles) is certainly beyond me.

Any and all inputs will be highly appreciated.
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