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Need a 2nd headline when using spanning header

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Need a 2nd headline when using spanning header

I need to create a report with spanning headers over the columns, then a line below the spanning headers, then the "main" headers, and then another line:




Using HEADLINE gives me the bottom line, of course, but is there a fast and easy way to create the first line, besides literally typing in a bunch of underscores?





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Re: Need a 2nd headline when using spanning header

What code are you currently using and which ODS Style?


Typing underscores is likely to be unrewarding as changes to font size, font face, bold/italic, length of other text will mean things don't line up very well and depending on other factors may actually allow individual underscores to be see.



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Re: Need a 2nd headline when using spanning header

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Without code, it's hard to speculate. It will make a difference about how you do it, depending on what your destination is and what initial style you're using. You have 2 approaches -- using a TEXTDECORATION style override or changing the bordertop... or borderbottom... style overrides. HEADLINE and HEADSKIP are LISTING only options, so they would NOT be giving your anything in ODS output. Your output looks like JOURNAL style, which has RULES=GROUPS turned on that might put the bottom line under the column headers.


This forum posting showed the use of border controls with PROC REPORT and ODS RTF to put an extra line into spanning headers. That person was using ACROSS items, so your use case might be different.


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