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More GRAPH grief with Tree Frog...

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More GRAPH grief with Tree Frog...

Sorry to be monopolising this space with my problems!

I'm creating graphs using the SASPRTC device, outputing to a pdf file. For reasons that are still beyond me after many hours:
(i) I'm getting annoying white space between the left edge of my output area and the leftmost part of my graph. Something is telling it to take up that space, and it's squashing the graph up into the remaining space on the right. Mysteriously, labels are able to take up this space.
(ii) I can't line up my axis labels with the values on that same axis (it's the Y axis, on a GBARLINE) - I want to have the label begin in line with the leftmost value on that axis.

Please help me Cynthia et al.!!
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Re: More GRAPH grief with Tree Frog...

Its pretty clear from all your posts, that you have some really specific questions and graph needs. The AXIS statement is quite versatile, however, options on the AXIS statement, can be affected by your graph procedure of choice and your device driver of choice.

Tech Support has the folks with the graph expertise to help you. You might be better served by opening a track with Tech Support for your graphics creation issues and they can then keep the track open until ALL your graph questions are resolved.

Good luck!
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Re: More GRAPH grief with Tree Frog...

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Good plan - I'll do that.

Thanks Cynthia. Smiley Happy
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