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Monitoring Tool (Output in HTML form) - Suggestions Please

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Monitoring Tool (Output in HTML form) - Suggestions Please

Hi All,

I am currently using SAS9.1 to build a tool to monitor motorbikes sales, new business, monthly GWP for my company. My manager would like that to be output as html pages in a way that there's drop down menus that allow him to select the different data that he would like to view at a particular month sold by a particular motorbike dealer.

At this moment, I'm not very good with working with ODS HTML or MARKUP and having alot of difficulties stitching the html pages up and also really unsure if I can embed javascript on my html pages.

I am hoping someone out there can direct me to some really helpful SAS notes and also a couple of powerful monitoring tool that was build out of SAS. Looking forward to everyone's suggestions!


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Re: Monitoring Tool (Output in HTML form) - Suggestions Please

Suggested Google advanced search argument:

sas stored process html drop down

Scott Barry
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Re: Monitoring Tool (Output in HTML form) - Suggestions Please

Hey Scott!

thank you so much! That really help heaps!
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Re: Monitoring Tool (Output in HTML form) - Suggestions Please

In addition to Scott's suggestion, it -is- possible to insert JavaScript into your ODS HTML created pages. SAS does not provide any JavaScript to create drop down menus, etc, but the methods for doing so with either JavaScript or vanilla HTML are pretty straightforward. If you search on (search box is in upper right hand corner of every page - including the forum page) for the string
ODS HTML Javascript will come up with many hits, these among them:

The task gets even easier if you have SAS/IntrNet and htmSQL or the Enterprise BI Platform, Integration Technologies and Stored Process capability.

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