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Missing pages with proc document

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Missing pages with proc document

I've got a problem with getting a page break and I'm not sure what option / setting to use to get my output correct.

Background: I'm using sgrender to create many small charts based on statgraph templates. There are varying numbers of charts created per report - anywhere from 6 to 26 depending on the data.

I use ODS PDF and run a proc GSLIDE for a cover page and then replay the charts into a the PDF with columns=3, and they are sized to fit 3 per column so there are 9 per page.

When I create the PDF and close it after the last sgrender I get all charts in a single PDF and the last page usually contains less than 9 charts. I works fine but I have to combine the PDFs in Acrobat.

When I leave the pdf open and start another section of the report with a proc gslide, the pages with 9 charts are printed but the last page which only has 8 charts is not.

Below is an example of the structure and options I used.

ods document name= ...(write);
***code to create 26 small charts;
ods document close;

options orientation=landscape;
ODS GRAPHICS ON / reset height=8in width=10in ;
ods pdf file=.... notoc;
proc gslide; ... cover page for charts ... run; quit;

ODS GRAPHICS ON / reset height=3in width=3in ;
ods pdf file=.... notoc columns=3 startpage=no;
proc document name=...; replay; run; quit;

ods pdf notoc columns=1 startpage=now ;
proc gslide; ... cover page for next section ... run; quit;

ods _all_ close;

The last page of charts is overwritten with the GSLIDE, but when the PDF is closed following the proc document replay there are 3 pages of charts.

I've tried to control the paging with "OBPAGE / after" after the last chart, but no luck there.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
Thanks experts.
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Re: Missing pages with proc document

Did you also try controlling the pages with the usual obpage BEFORE as well?

OBPAGE path / delete;

I'm not saying this is the answer, but wondering what the outcome is if you try this as well.

I've found it helpful when dealing with ODS Documents to produce the document listing as well. This makes sure I have truly covered ALL the objects I need to cover.
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Re: Missing pages with proc document


If you continue to have trouble getting the desired output, I recommend contacting Technical Support. Click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the forum web page.

-- David Kelley, SAS
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