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Map created with Stored Proc in Web Report Studio

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Map created with Stored Proc in Web Report Studio

I am using a stored proc to create a map with the feature to map over a state and display a popup with some information. It works in both EG and WEB. But when I run the stored proc in WRS the mouse over feature does not work. Below is my script. I'm using an GIF/HTML combination.

filename odsout '.';
goptions reset=all ;
GOPTIONS DEVICE=GIF xpixels=1000 ypixels=750 gunit=pct htitle=6 ftitle="arial/bold" htext=4 ftext="arial";
goptions display;
ODS HTML path=odsout file="dummy.htm";

title1 box=1 bcolor=grayee color=cx567E3A justify=left "PEs by Location";
pattern1 value=solid color=grayff;
pattern2 value=solid color=grayee;
pattern3 value=solid color=graycc;
pattern4 value=solid color=gray99;
pattern5 value=solid color=gray85;
pattern6 value=solid color=gray75;
pattern7 value=solid color=gray65;
pattern8 value=solid color=gray55;
proc gmap data=states;
format PEs pct.;
id state;
choro PEs /discrete coutline=black annotate=maplabel name="US" html=myhtml;

goptions nodisplay;
ods html close;
ods listing; Message was edited by: Jaime
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Re: Map created with Stored Proc in Web Report Studio

I would only expect this to work in EG or with the Info Delivery Portal or the Stored Process Web Application (SASStoredProcess/do?).

SAS Web Report Studio (WRS) cannot receive HTML results from a stored process. When your stored process runs, in SAS 9.1.3, if the client application is WRS, the stored process results are created and returned to WRS as SAS Report XML -- the SAS Report XML doesn't know how to deal with the URL or hyperlink set with HTML=. See this Tech Support note for more information:

Since the note says this behavior is fixed in WRS release 4.2, you might want to check with Tech Support for more information about whether your program falls into the category of what was fixed (since the note talks about reports and not specifically about graphs).

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Re: Map created with Stored Proc in Web Report Studio

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Is this the same reason why my proc reports look so ugly in WRS. WRS seems to change my formats and column size.
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Re: Map created with Stored Proc in Web Report Studio

It sort of depends on what you mean by "formats" (do you mean colors and fonts or do you mean SAS user-defined formats) and how you're setting them (using ODS style elements or using CSS style properties with HTMLSTYLE=). And, of course, LISTING options, like HEADLINE, HEADSKIP, SKIP, DOL, DUL, WIDTH, SPACING, etc are ignored by most all ODS destinations (and not exclusively by WRS).

As explained in these notes:

CELLWIDTH, for example should work -- but only in WRS View Report mode. As explained in the notes, CELLWIDTH will not be respected in WRS Print/Preview mode.

If, however, you are using HTMLSTYLE and CSS style properties to set color, font and cellwidths, etc, etc, then I would not expect those methods to work with WRS at all, since WRS is not "receiving" HTML, but is instead receiving SAS Report XML. The only other thing that I know doesn't work well in WRS with PROC REPORT is that the LINE statement output is not displayed in WRS (but will display in other client applications, such as EG or Microsoft Word).

If you have questions about specific issues where your stored process is not working, you might wish to work with Tech Support.

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