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Lines and borders in ODS and PROC REPORT

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Lines and borders in ODS and PROC REPORT

I wish to do something that (I think) should be quite simple, but is proving to be rediculously difficult to do.

I am using PROC REPORT and outputting to RTF using ODS (and am using SAS 9.1.3).
I have created by own style sheet using PROC TEMPLATE, but I need assistance with one part.

I want my output to have a solid single line separating the column headers from the values in the columns, and I want a doubleline at the base of the "table".

In my PROC TEMPLATE I am using:

style table from container /
frame = below
rules = none
borderbottomstyle = double

However this gives a double line under the column headers as well as at the base of the table.

Can somebody please give me guidance?
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Re: Lines and borders in ODS and PROC REPORT

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Well, you are correct on many counts. It should be easy and it is not. Things are better in 9.2, but that does not help. I also believe this is a defect for frame=below in RTF.

Here is some code to get that double line at the bottom of Proc Report. Control of borders on specific cells is not going to work in 9.1.

If you want to talk over the this code and what it is doing, please let me know.

Here is a test program:

ods path work.templat(update) sashelp.tmplmst(read);
ods escapechar ="*" ;

proc template;
define style test;
style table from table /
frame=below rules=none borderbottomstyle="double"
ods rtf file="h.rtf" footerrulestyle="double" style=test ;

proc report data=sashelp.class; run ;

ods rtf close ;
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