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LIBNAME XML Export escaping characters

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LIBNAME XML Export escaping characters

Hi everyone,

I hope this is the right group in the forum.

I am trying to export a SAS dataset to XML using LIBNAME. I can get the XML OK except when there are special/reserved characters (&,<,> etc). The text in that tag end up being escaped/convered to something like &#x62;&#x6F;&#x6F;&#x26; ... I would have expected a string such as 'Me & you' to end up as Me &amp; you. I am using SAS 9.2 on z/OS. I have tried using XMLPROCESS=RELAX (although I do want to escape the characters) but that made no difference.

Does anyone know why and more importantly how to get around this?


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LIBNAME XML Export escaping characters

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  This is probably a question best answered by Tech Support. I only find XMLPROCESS= in a description of IMPORTING from XML into SAS (not for EXPORT, in SAS 9.2). The documentation for 9.2, in addition, shows the valid values as either CONFORM or PERMIT. (RELAX was a valid value in SAS 9.1.3). So at this point, Tech Support could look at ALL your code, clarify whether you are importing or exporting and help you figure out the best solution.


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