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Keys deffinition for auto text

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Keys deffinition for auto text

Hello All,
With all of the commenting I try to do, I would like to have the ability to assign what I would call "auto text" to a couple of my keys.

I want to be able to press F11 when in my Program Editor and get the result of:


then press F12 and get:


We're a bit stumped here @ amex on this one, and hoping someone out there may have some ideas.


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Re: Keys deffinition for auto text

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Hi, Sam:
You might want to double check this with Tech Support, as I am dredging up some faint memories here. Try popping up the KEYS window (enter KEYS in the Command line). Then when the KEYS window is active, type a tilde (~) as the first character of the string:
in the area next to the F11 key and
in the area next to the F12 key
The key settings are saved when you close the window, but I can't remember whether they're saved for the session or for good. You may have to issue a WSAVE or something like that before you close the window. Tech Support would know for sure.
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Re: Keys deffinition for auto text

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If you are using SAS on Windows, you should be able to use the Enhanced Editor, and therefore to record a keybord macro : action = type /********************** and associated key = F11.
If on a different OS, the ~ trick Cynthia just explained should work alright ; the keys are save on a profile basis, so you should have the F11 and F12 re-definitions saved when you close your SAS session.
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