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Is it possible to store centralized calcs?

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Is it possible to store centralized calcs?

Hello. In Crystal Reports, I have the ability to store commonly used calculation in a central repository. So for Example:
MyCalc = (a + b)/b

In my report I put this field in one of my columns
Field_1 Field_2 MyCalc(Field_1, Field_Z) ........

By doing this, I'm assured all my calcs throughout different reports are the same. If I need to change the calc, I change it in the repository and all the reports that use this calc are taken care of.

Can I do the same thing for my Proc Reports maybe storing the calculations in Metadata some where?
Thank you
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Re: Is it possible to store centralized calcs?

Hi, Patrick,
In the BI platform you generally store this kind of calculation in an Information Map. However, in BASE SAS, you would accomplish this reusability of code or calculation with a SAS macro variable or a SAS macro program. In upcoming releases of SAS, you would be able to design your own functions.

This however, is neither an ODS question or a reporting question -- but is more a SAS macro question. As such, your best bet for a complete response is SAS Tech Support.

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Re: Is it possible to store centralized calcs?

Thanks Cynthia.
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