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Is it possible to create Pivot tables by using Base SAS 9.1.3?

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Is it possible to create Pivot tables by using Base SAS 9.1.3?

Hey Guys,

I am planning to create Pivot tables using Base SAS 9.1.3. Is it possible to create them. I heard that we need to have SAS Enterprise for that, Is it true?

If we can create pivot tables from Base SAS . Could you please tell me how?

Your help is highly appreciated.

Kiven George.
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Re: Is it possible to create Pivot tables by using Base SAS 9.1.3?

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I'm not sure what you mean by "SAS Enterprise" -- there's the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform; SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Enterprise Miner... However...

The answer is yes, with BASE SAS, you can make a file that can turn into Excel pivot table. have to do some work to make it happen:

1) the TAGSETS.TABLEEDITOR destination will create an HTML file that you can turn into a pivot table in Excel. The HTML file contains some JavaScript and ActiveX coding that makes this possible.
(Read the whole paper. The fact that the Pivot Table discussion starts on Page 26 shows you that there's some understanding of how this destination works before you jump into Pivot Tables.)

2) However, before you can send output to the TAGSETS.TABLEEDITOR destination, you have to download the TABLEEDITOR tagset template and install it on your system before you can use it: (This is the TableEditor download.)

3) If your site has any thinking of using Web Report Studio with these Pivot Tables or reading the data back into SAS or using the Pivot Table with SAS Enterprise Guide, in the same way you would use an OLAP cube, I suspect that there may be issues with these things...but I have never tried it, so that is just a guess. If you have the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform, then OLAP Cube Studio and Information Maps are the preferred methods to create SAS OLAP Cubes.

For more help with the TABLEEDITOR tagset and creating HTML files that can turn into Excel Pivot Tables, your best bet for help is to contact Tech Support.

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