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Invocation of SAS session using javascript

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Invocation of SAS session using javascript


Data should be collected in a html form. When submit button on html form is clicked a sas session on a remote server should be invoked which will run a sas program which will extract the data collected in the form in a sas dataset.

Based on the data collected it will create a graph and send it back as an html output.

I do not have SAS/IntrNet, CGI server installed.

Can the above problem be solved purely using html, javascript and base sas9 without any other s/w installation?
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Re: Invocation of SAS session using javascript

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You couldn't do this without having a web server to handle the javascript request and spawn the SAS session.
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Re: Invocation of SAS session using javascript

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Hi Kevin,
I have a similar issue. My team should be getting the WRS soon. We ideally would like to see a Table with one or more columns being able to take inputs. If there is a Submit (or Update) button, it should be able to trigger a stored process which will update a SAS dataset on the server.
Is that possible?


PS: I have another thread in WRS forum- Excel funtionality in WRS.
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Re: Invocation of SAS session using javascript

This is really not a question for the ODS and Base Reporting procedure forum (PROC PRINT, PROC REPORT, PROC TABULATE and ODS).

When you have the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform (as you do when you have Web Report Studio), your installation and configuration includes the Web tier "plumbing" that makes Web Report Studio accessible from the browser.

The Web tier is where the Web applications (such as SAS Web Report Studio and the SAS Information Delivery Portal) reside and execute from. The Web tier also contains the infrastructure that supports the execution of the Web browser applications:
-- Java Servlet Container (or Java Application Server)
-- Java Software Development Kit (SDK)
-- WebDAV server
-- SAS Services application
-- SAS Stored Process Web Application (to invoke and submit stored processes via URL).

I don't know what you mean by "one or two columns able to take inputs" -- however, you can write a SAS Stored Process that will update a SAS dataset on a server, using either the Workspace server or the Stored Process server. Although, generally, most folks use SAS Data Integration Studio jobs to build process flows and schedule jobs to update SAS datasets instead of using Stored Processes.

As part of the installation and configuration process, you should plan, at the very least. some platform administration and stored process training, if you are going to be writing stored processes to update SAS datasets.

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