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Inverse mills ratio

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Inverse mills ratio


I am a new user of SAS and member of this community. Can you help me in my coding?

I want to run Probit. There is only one dependent variable (binary 0-1 values) and a bunch of independent variables (continuous, categorial etc.). I also want to get Inverse Mill's ratio.

I run my code on SAS 9.1 and I was trying the following code...(Not sure if the code is correct but sure of what I want as mentioned above)

proc Qlim data = input_file;
model Z = X1 X2 X3 / type = bprobit ;
output out = output_report proball MILLS;

The output file gets created, but the contents are same as that are in input file in addition to probabilities. But I could not get Inverst Mills Ratios.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Re: Inverse mills ratio

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Hi, Omkar:
This forum is for using the Output Delivery System and Base SAS Reporting procedures (PRINT, REPORT, TABULATE). If you cannot find another forum for statistical procedures and questions, then your best bet for help is to contact Tech Support.

To send a question to Tech Support, go to and in the left-hand navigation pane, click on the link entitled "Submit a Problem".

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