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Importing Text output into word

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Importing Text output into word


This seems to be an old issue in ODS era but I am using macros that give copious text output. I wanted to import a lot of tables to Word and wanted to check if anyone has faced similar problem.

There are old macros sas2word sas2word_v2 but I am not sure if they would work with newer versions. I would really appreciate if anyone has any ideas.
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Re: Importing Text output into word

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Those macros you mention appear to have been contributed to the online SAS community SAS-L by a user. I am not familiar with them.

You can use ODS to generate RTF output from SAS. Word will import RTF. All you have to do is:

ods rtf file="myfile.rtf";
/* run your macros */
ods rtf close;

-- David Kelley, SAS
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