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Image scaling

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Image scaling

I have a 2.5x1.79 image that I would like to appear in a PDF report as the same size. Here is my current title statement:

title1 '^S={just=center preimage="logo.jpg"';

I thought the new scaling options ( might work, but specifying x and y values with or without the scale option doesn't appear to have any affect. Can anyone suggest how this could be made to work or suggest an alternative approach to achieve this?

I appreciate any help you can provide,

Francis Harvey
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Re: Image scaling

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Both of the following should work in v9.1.3SP4, but this syntax is experimental and will not be supported in v9.2. In v9.2 we will use standard URL syntax for scaling options
(e.g. foo.png?width=4in&height=2in&proportional=no). The old options were way too inconsistent. It was easy to put options together that were contradictory and couldn't be resolved in any reasonable way (thanks Kevin).

ods listing close;
ods pdf file="test.pdf";
ods escapechar="^";
title '^S={just=center preimage="logo.png^scale^x=5in}';
proc print style(table)={just=center preimage="logo.png^scale^x=5in"}
ods pdf close;
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